Thursday, July 26, 2012

a note on annotations

Hey guys!

Though I'm not looking forward to summer drawing to a close, I am excited about having you in AP this year. I'm looking to try some new and creative things this year, so I think we're going to have a good yet challenging time. 

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify my expectations for your annotations:

Yes, you need to annotate each of your books.
However. This need not be a complicated process. All I ask is that you highlight and mark important quotes/sections of your books.
Chances are, you'll forget parts of the books by the time we get to discussing them the first few weeks of school. Marking your books as you read them will help you to interact with the text and to give you places to look back at as we're discussing in class. It makes life easier for everyone. You don't need to mark literary devices or anything. You don't even need to write many notes. If you have a question about a part of the book, place a question mark by it. If you thought something was funny, go ahead and write "lol" or "haha." If you thought something was ironic, write "ironic." 

Don't make annotating any harder than it has to be--it should be a natural interaction of your mind with your reading. It's a practice that we'll be doing all school-year long, so pick up your favorite color highlighter and get to reading with your highlighter in hand!

Make the most of your last few weeks of school and please post on here or email me if you have any questions! (and don't forget about your movie assignment for How To Read Literature Like a Professor.)

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