Monday, November 5, 2012

don't ask me questions. just answer this.

How is today different from yesterday? How will you make tomorrow different from today?

due tuesday november 6th 8am


  1. Every point of time that God gives to you is different from any other time given to you previously by God. Today was different for me, for I went to the doctor to make sure my throat wasn't made of fire. God has healed me, and I do not have strep, and I'm feeling 100X better now. The doctor wants me to stay home tomorrow, but who knows what I'm going to do tomorrow. I plan on things that I may do, but I don't know what I'm going to do differently. I plan that I'll work on some school work, and that I'll relax, thinking about what crazy things may be going on at school while I'm sick. I live each part of my day as it goes, and each day is a new adventure ready for me to take part. I try not to worry, for I know God has a plan of my life, and that He is with me always. I plan that I'm going to enjoy God's blessings tomorrow, and that I'll maybe play the piano a little bit.

  2. Well yesterday I sown most I the day fishing and then I went to my grandparent's house. It is different from today in that I had school today, and I have college tonight. Tomorrow will be different because I don't have college and I will probably hunt squirrels.

  3. Yesterday was Sunday. Today is Monday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday

  4. Yesterday was Sunday: music, freedom, hanging out with friends, family, laughs, love.
    Today is Monday: class, prison, people, funny yet boring, exhausting.

    Tomorrow I will try to be more optimistic and see these prison walls through a more positive light.

  5. Yesterday is a teacher. It serves to remind me that I am far from perfect, but softly prompts me to learn from these failures.

    Tomorrow is the plans, hopes, and hardships that have yet to be. Ultimately, I am not even promised tomorrow, so it may or may not come to be. While I may vainly attempt to improve my plans or demeanor tomorrow, in reality, I cannot control it until tomorrow turns into today.

    Today is the moment of time we are always stuck in and can never escape.

  6. Today will always be different from yesterday. The world consists of a new and unique set of individuals. Relationships are gone, only to be replaced by new ones. People are different. Places are different. The world will always be a world away from what it was yesterday. Like the plank-walker in the pacific storm. Gone. Forgotten. Trampled. Stifled. Cast away.

    Tomorow will always be different from today. There is nothing I can do to change that, or aid in continuing that pattern. The boastful man that says he makes tomorow different from today will be swallowed up one day. The Earth will devour his casket and jeer. "yah you were right. You're dead today." no matter what... Tomorow will be different from today. Death. Death. Death. Death. Death. Death. Death. Death. There is no life. Only death to the unliveliness of yesterday. Everything dies. Today dies. Just. Like. That.

  7. Yesterday was the past today is the present tommorw is te future. Tommorw will be different because its not today and today is different from yesterday because today is today and yesterday is yesterday.

    1. Tommorw is a promise to no one (clint eastwood) so i am unaware if tommorw will be granted to me. Therefore i must live every moment as if its my last. I do not know how i will live tommorw until i am living it.

  8. Yesterday I was still learning to overcome disappointment. today, same thing--but I've made progress. each day I learn a little bit more about myself, I learn how to come closer to my dreams and goals and I learn how to turn disappointment into success. yesterday I didnt think that it was plausible that I could be the person that people looked at and said, " wow, can you believe what God did with her. can you believe that he brought her from the very bottom to the top?" Today, I started thinking, " why not me?" So tomorrow, I will make it be me. I will have the faith in my God to make me into a living testimony for him. my running successes will one day stand as my Ebenezer, and people will find encouragement from God in my stories. "Why not me."

  9. Well, I hope to feel a little better. If not I'm not coming to school. But I'm gonna try to think positively and take all my medicine. Yesterday I was feeling kinda blah, if ya know what I mean but tonight I feel terrible. So we'll have to wait and see.

  10. It’s a new day.
    Yesterday is gone,
    Now it’s today.
    While some yawn,
    Others give praise.

    What’s the difference you say?
    New date, different weather,
    It’s all the same.
    What one chooses to make of it,
    Produces the change.

    Make tomorrow different from today.
    Forget the past,
    Ignore what others say.
    Live like it’s your last,
    Today is a new day.

  11. Yesterday was full of football and relaxing and studying for chemistry. Today was spent in school being bored and taking the chemistry test. Tomorrow has not yet happened but i know i don't have a chemistry test so that will be different. Yesterday is the past so is me just typing that and that and that and... Yea but now is the present and tomorrow is the future so i don't know what i can do that will be different to make it different. But all of these times are different periods in time and that makes them all completely different.

  12. The difference between today and yesterday is that they both consisted of completely different interactions. They are not really comparable, because yesterday was the day of the week I go to church, spend quality time with family, have personal time for whatever, and go to youth group. Mondays, however, are just known as the worst day of the week (which is sad for them). So, not only are the days different, but so are the activities in which I participate in. Also, I see different people. Yesterday, I saw the Adkins twins at church, my old neighbor, my friends from New York, my immediate family, and all of my youth friends, including my best friend Madi, who all go to different schools. Today, I saw only my mom and Ben this morning, everyone at school, my grandma, and David and his friends. Just by seeing one different person on one day than another, my whole day could be brightened or ruined. Its kind of strange to think that one person could have such an impact on your life. That you could waste a whole day being sad just because someones name was mentioned or you saw them in passing. Someone who might not even notice you or care. So, tomorrow. Tomorrows are even harder to say because there is so much mystery in them. You can have your whole day planned out, but that doesn't mean that is what is going to happen. I don't even know if I am going to wake up in the morning. God doesn't promise us each day. If I do have tomorrow, I would hope that it is a good tomorrow. That I can have joy and give joy to others. That I don't see someone that ruins my day or that I don't ruin anyone else's. I would hope that tomorrow, God will bless me and that I can live another day for Him. That is how I want it to be different than today, yesterday, and every other day I have lived.

  13. Yesterday can be differentiated from today because they are clearly different days of the week and different things happen to us each day. However, beyond that, yesterday is useless to us now. We can only learn from the things that happened to us in yesterdays passed. We can't worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Instead, we must utilize the time given to us today and continually try to improve ourselves... Because we're not even promised a tomorrow.

  14. Yesterday, with its situations, feelings, circumstances, opportunities, problems and advantages are gone forever. The past is completely gone except what we preserve in our own memories. Today is the present, the situations, feelings, circumstances etc. are currently in progress. Tomorrow is the unseeable, nongarunteed future. All I can do is use what is currently in progress to set the future in a more advantageous way for me.

  15. Today is different for yesterday because yesterday is the past and today is the present. Things happened yesterday that I cannot change, but things that are happening today are capable of being changed before they occur. Today is also different from yesterday because yesterday was guaranteed, but today and tomorrow are never guaranteed. Tomorrow can never be predicted which is why we have to live in the present.

  16. Today is different from yesterday because I can change it. I can make it how I want it to be according to my attitude. Yesterday is a time were I can reflect back on good times spent. Yesterday is also a day where I can examine my life and see how it has matched up according to Christ's. Today is a day where I can have more great times, face more challenges, and come closer to the Lord. Tomorrow is a place where I don't know what will happen. It is out of my control until it becomes today and I try to live it with exuberance and joy.

  17. Yesterday was Monday. I will never ever experience that Monday again. I went to school, miraculously made it to class on time, went to the doctor, and say in for football practice. Nothing extraordinary happened, but it definitely was not the norm. Today is election day. I am experiencing waves of intense nervousness that are actually bad enough to give me a stomach ache. The decisions made this day will greatly effect the rest of my life. This truth is absolutely terrifying. Tomorrow we will, hopefully, have a new president. That will wipe all of my nerves away and make me happy again. When we have a new president I can stop worrying about politics and live out the rest of my teenage life care free and comfortably. I can't wait.

  18. Well, since I am doing this on November 6th, I am anticipating for school to be over, while yesterday, school already ended. Yesterday, the new How I met your Mother came on. Nothing that I watch comes on today. Today, I am answering a blog. Yesterday I didn't answer one. Now tomorrow will be different from today even if I try and do the same exact thing. Tonight I go bowling, and tomorrow I go to college. I don't really have to try, it just happens.

  19. Everyday is going to be much different from the other. Today will be different from yesterday even though I will do many of the same activities that I did yesterday. Each day has an endless amount of outcomes that are different from the day before. And I don't think we can control whether each day is different, it just happens that way.

  20. The past can never be changed. Yesterday consists of actions that were in the past. For instance the conversations, actions, and thoughts that I took part in yesterday can never be taken back. The phrase come to mind "Think before you speak". When words come out of your mouth they can never be taken back. Tomorrow can be different because of yesterday. It is just like what you told us in the beginning of the year, that you can only learn by failure. What I mean by this is that your past experiences and actions can influence us for the better in that we will learn from our mistakes and try to imitate the good things that we have done in the past.